Signature Menu Items

Click here for the full Chickie’s and Pete’s Menu Get ready – we’re going to make your mouth water and your stomach rumble! Chickie’s & Pete’s features many signature menu items, some everyday items and some very special seasonal items that are available Nowhere else on the planet! Here’s just a few samples…


Crabfries® - Chickie's and Pete's Sports Bar It’s what put us on the map – and they’re available only at Chickie’s Pete’s. These are special fries invented by Pete – bathed in a secret blend of spices (only Pete knows the recipe!) and served with two sides of our one-of-a-kind White Creamy Cheese Sauce.  Get them as an appetizer for the table to share (but we warn you – you won’t want to share!)


Mussels - Chickie's and Pete's Seafood Restaurant Nobody does them better…..Mussels Red or Mussels White…a heaping bowl, steaming with signature flavors and oven-baked Italian bread for dipping!

Pete’s Crustaceans

Pete's Crustaceans - the world's most succulent crabs Come see what Pete does with the world’s most succulent crabs! All of our crabs are cooked in Pete’s secret seasonings (try to guess some of the spices!)…And they all come with Pete’s own guarantee they will be Gloriously Messy & Bread Dippin’ Good!   Hard Shells – Blue Crab Dungeness Crab – About two full pounds! Snow Crab – Sweet  & Tender – You’ll have dreams about these delicious crab! King Crab Legs – We keep the Deadliest Catch guys in business! Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes – The BEST on the planet!

Lisa’s Blonde Lobster Pie

Pete-zza - Chickie's and Pete's Sports Bar and Seafood Restaurant Lisa’s Blonde Lobster Pie is an award-winning, thin-crust, white pie topped with mouth-watering baby lobster