CHICKIE’S & PETE’S® FAMOUS CRABFRIES® $10.38 (1120 cal.)

With a side of our famous cheese sauce


Honey mustard

CHICKIE’S® BUFFALO CUTLETS $11.32 (1180 cal.)

Bleu cheese, celery

FRIED MOZZARELLA $9.43 (750 cal.)

Our famous red sauce

Fried Shrimp $13.21 (600 cal.)

Golden fried, hand breaded jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce

ONION RINGS $10.38 (1950 cal.)

A pile of thick-cut rings with barbecue sauce and sweet heat sauce

FRIED CALAMARI $14.15 (1100 cal.)

Tender golden fried baby calamari tossed with sliced cherry peppers and Romano
cheese with our famous red sauce

FRIED CRAB MAC & CHEESE $10.38 (1150 cal.)

Creamy mac & cheese, sweet crabmeat, signature spices, and sweet heat sauce

PHILLY DILLYZ $10.38 (1650 cal.)

Pickle fries with ranch and sweet heat sauce


Classic or Boneless

BUFFALO $14.15 (classic 1160 cal. | boneless 1260 cal.)

Bleu cheese, celery

DRY RUB $14.15 (classic 820 cal. | boneless 920 cal.)

Signature seasoning, buttermilk ranch on the side

Cheesesteak $16.04 (1790 cal.)

Piled with cheesesteak, black olives, cherry peppers,  sour cream & salsa.

Buffalo Chicken $16.04 (1900 cal.)

Cheese smothered! Piled with our buffalo chicken steak, crumbled bleu cheese
and diced celery. Drizzled with buttermilk ranch.

Cheese $13.21 (1540 cal.)

And lots of it! With black olives, cherry peppers,  sour cream & salsa.


Buffalo Chicken Salad $13.21 (600 cal.)

Romaine, iceberg, crumbled bleu cheese, diced celery, grilled chicken, buffalo
bleu dressing

Tossed Salad $10.38 (90 cal.)

A blend of romaine and arugula, bruschetta, celery, shaved Parmigiano, basil, lemon vinaigrette

Caesar Salad $11.32 (510 cal.)

Romaine lettuce, croutons and grated Romano cheese lightly tossed with our
creamy Caesar


Creamy Caesar 390 cal. | Bleu Cheese 480 cal. | Honey Mustard 300 cal. | Crabby
Ranch 450 cal. | Buttermilk Ranch 450 cal. | Lemon Vinaigrette 220 cal. |
Balsamic Vinaigrette 180 cal.


Chickie’s® Cutlet Sandwiches $11.32

Chickie’s® Cutlets on our signature seeded roll.

CLUB (750 cal.)

Stacked with lettuce, tomato, onion and bacon

BUFFALO (1250 cal.)

Tossed in our buffalo sauce with a side of bleu cheese

PARM (930 cal.)

Our famous red sauce and mozzarella finished with Romano cheese


Traditional $ 17.92 (1730 cal.)

A classic tomato pie with our famous red sauce over mozzarella finished with
Romano cheeses

Pepperoni $18.87 (1980 cal.)

Our Traditional pie topped with thin rounds of pepperoni

White $17.92 (2180 cal.)

Mozzarella dusted with herbs and spices, finished with Romano cheese

Buffalo Chicken $19.81 (2820 cal.)

Chunks of buffalo chicken on our White pie dotted with crumbled bleu cheese


The Classic $12.26 (910 cal.)

Covered in our famous cheese sauce with or without fried onions

Pete-zza $12.26 (1060 cal.)

Layered with mozzarella and our famous red sauce, finished with Romano cheese

Hoagie $12.26 (940 cal.)

Piled over lettuce, tomato, and raw onion, covered in our famous cheese sauce

Chicken $12.26 (980 cal.)

Chicken steak covered in our famous cheese sauce

Buffalo Chicken $12.26 (1560 cal.)

Chicken steak topped with our buffalo & famous cheese sauces with a side of
bleu cheese


Handcrafted on our signature brioche roll

Bacon Bleu $12.26 (700 cal.)

Piled with crumbled bleu cheese and crispy bacon

Philly Dilly $11.32 (1260 cal.)

An all-beef burger topped with cheddar piled high Pickle Fries and sweet hot

BBQ $12.27 (830 cal.)

Crispy bacon, fried onions, smoky BBQ sauce, and American cheese

Pete-zza $12.27 (750 cal.)

Our famous red sauce over mozzarella finished with Romano cheese

Cheese $11.32 (680 cal.)

American cheese with lettuce and tomato


Dominator $5.66 (110 cal.)

Orange, cranberry and pineapple juices splashed with Sprite

Possessed $5.66 (120 cal.)

Pineapple juice and lemonade with a splash of grenadine


Flyin’ Hawaiian $9.43 (260 cal.)

Malibu Coconut Rum, blue curacao, melon liqueur, lemon, sour mix and pineapple

Thunderhawk $9.43 (210 cal.)

Absolut Citron and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with raspberry iced tea and

Frozen Margarita $11.32 (260 cal.)

Frozen with a blend of lime & tequila for classic margarita taste

Hydra $9.43 (240 cal.)

Captain Morgan, banana liqueur, blackberry brandy, orange & pineapple juice
and a splash of grenadine

Steel Force $9.43 (190 cal.)

Absolut , Tanqueray, Bacardi, triple sec, sour mix and Coca-Cola



Dorney Beer Flight $10.38 (230 cal.)

Dorney Park’s Ale-fundo Ale $8.49 (180cal.)

Dorney Park’s Epic Ale $8.49 (180 cal.)

Dorney Park’s Haunted Hops $8.49 (230 cal.)

Wildwater Kingdom’s Lazy Lager $8.49 (160 cal.)


Cayman Jack $9.43 (250 cal.)

Miller Lite $8.49 (100 cal.)

Coors Light $8.49 (100 cal.)

Corona $9.43 (160 cal.)

Bud Light $8.49 (140 cal.)

Angry Orchard $9.43 (190 cal.)

White Claw $9.43 (100 cal.)

Wild Cherry, Mango, Raspberry

Dog Fish Head 60 Minute $9.43 (210 cal.)

Yuengling Lager $8.49 (150 cal.)

Lagunitas IPA $8.49 (180 cal.)


Featuring Coca Cola® products
Soft Drinks – $4.72 (refill – $.94) (0 – 220 cal.)
Souvenir Kids Cup – $2.83 (0-150 cal.)
Bottled Water – $5.00 (o cal.)
Apple Juice – $2.83 (180 cal.) 
Orange Juice – $2.83 (180 cal.)
YUP! Chocolate or Strawberry – $3.77 (220 cal.)

WINES by the glass

Beaulieu Vineyard Merlot – $8.49 (140 cal.)
Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon – $8.49 (140 cal.)
Kendall Jackson Chardonnay – $8.49 (140 cal.) 
Woodbridge White Zinfandel – $8.49 (150 cal.)
Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio – $8.49 (140 cal.)

We are committed to offering options to accommodate guests with food allergies
or intolerances. Please note any food allergies and intolerances when you are
greeted by your server. Guests are also welcome to speak to a manager. 2,000
calories a day is normal for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.
Additional nutrition information available upon request.