Pete Ciarrocchi

Pete Ciarrocchi is the Chairman and CEO of Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar, an expanding chain of restaurants that has become part of the true fabric of the city of Philadelphia and an avid sports fan’s “must stop” before, during, or after the game. Pete’s infectious, befriending enthusiasm, love of sports, and unique menu had the neighborhoods of the Great Northeast flocking. With the invention of Crabfries®, the world of Chickie’s & Pete’s was never the same. In 1998 Chickie’s & Pete’s became the first-ever private restaurateur to operate within Veteran’s Stadium. The team- and press- friendly environs were chosen as the site of Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid’s day-after-the-game press conferences. This atmosphere laid the foundation for Chickie’s & Pete’s to become the sports media and fan reaction hub it has become today.

Pete also serves on the Jefferson Health Northeast Foundation Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors, and on the Holy Family University Business Advisory Board. He participates in many philanthropic ventures and is an active member of The Polish-American String Band. Pete is a native of Philadelphia and resides happily with his wife Lisa and three boys Peter, Blaise, and Anthony. Learn more about Pete on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Pete Ciarrocchi

The Cheesesteak.

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